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Introduction:The most important thing in this unit are directions, the unit will give some clues to avoid getting lost when we go to a place we have never been!

- The hospital is on venezuela AVE.
- The univercity of states is next to of stadium lisboa.
- Third Ave is between Hospital and univercity.
- The Spa-Gym is behind C.C Lisboa.
- The supermarked is on corner Venezuela ave and netword ave.
- The bank is across front the park I.

Conclusions:Through this unit, I learned how to come to some destination using as reference street numbers, main corners, hospital and main establishments, because the are located in front of, and behind the different places we are going to.

This it is a conversation by telephone with a friend

Lissette: hi, this is Vanessa, and this is Ediliana. We can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave us a message, and…

Herlim: hello?Pablo: hi, Herlim? It’s Pablo. Is Vanessa there?

Herlim: oh, hi Pablo, she’s here, but she’s in bed- she’s sleeping. Can she call you later?

Pablo: yeah, thanks, please ask her to call me at my parents’ house.

Herlim: sure, just give me the number.

Pablo: it’s 0416-3614754

Herlim: 0416-3614754

Pablo: thanks a lot, Herlim.
Pablo: hello?

Vanessa: hi, Pablo, it’s Pablo, I got your message.

Pablo: hi, thanks for calling me back.

Vanessa: so, what’s up?

Pablo: uh, well, do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?

Vanessa: tomorrow night? I’m really sorry, but I can’t, I have to stay home and study.

Pablo: oh, that’s too bad, how about Friday night?

Vanessa: uh… sure, I’d love to, what time do you want to meet?

Pablo: how about around seven o’clock.Vanessa: terrific.

I hope likes and they are amused


Introduction:We are going to talk in this unit about hobbies or what we usually do during the weekend, and other things related to going out, shopping, do some sports, trips etc…

During the weekend, on Friday I’ve been on college. Then I went with my classmates to Sambil mall, for some shopping and for have lunch, at 7:30p.m I went out with some friends to a birthday party, it was very nice, there were a lot of people that I know and I spent a good time there.

On Saturday, I spent my time staying home helping my mom with house stuff, then, at 3:00p.m I studied a bit and then I fell asleep until 9:00p.m that I went out to a disco to have some fun, because I had a long time since a go out to a night place. And finally on Sunday, I stayed home to have some rest and to prepare all the homework I have for college, I cannot deny that I had a very nice weekend doing many things.

Conclusions:Along this unit I learned about different activities I do during

The Blogs Visited

Hi, my name is Lissette prda, I am from in Venezuela in Maracaibo, I 20 years old, i study in URBE at mass media.The blogs that visits were very good, in truth I am in favor very contented and happy of for having made east work that I help myself much..... Congratulations to all those that managed to make this work


Introduction:In this unit we are going to rewind our birth place, and we are going to do a little biography of a famous artist.

Biography:Rafael Caldera:Born in VenezuelaAge: 91.Sex: male.Profession: lawyer.Last occupation: he managed the union nacionál de estudiantes magazine.Also he worked in ONU, in the international work office.Sub-director of the venezuelan work office.He was congresses.Lawyer professor of UCV.Vitalize senator.He led the congresses chamber.President of Venezuela from 1974 to 1978.He was re-elected president in 1994 to 1999.He designed the work law.He created the national student union.

Conclusions:During the unit I met a little bit about the person I feel admiration and it helped me so much because that person is an inspiration for my future life!


Hello, this level 2 is my second work of ingles, I hope that they like, is the sports that I practice and of which I can do....

Hello, my deports favorite is voleyball, I practice it much, because I like very is amused, enchants to play the piano to me since it is my talent, my parents think that very important doing sports and, since practicing it a healthful life is obtained. my sister and my papa play with me and very is entertained.

Well, I even hope that they like and has but..... Lissette

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This unit is about diseases, types of diseases, how to cure them, and a lot of things about diseases


HERLIN: Hello Vanessa how is you?

VANESSA: I don´t fell well today.

HERLIN: What´s the matter with you?

VANESSA: I have a terrible headache and I believe I have fever.

HERLIN: I can see, you are really terrible, but I have a good idea.

VANESSA: Really? What´s your idea?

HERLIN: Why don´t you go to see a doctor and make your self a general check up?

VANESSA: That´s a good idea I´II do it right away


EDILIANA: Good morning Lady Can I help you?

VANESSA: Good morning
I´d like to have a general check up because I´m not feeling well lately.

EDILIANA: Ok tell me your name please I’ll tell the doctor right now take a sit please.

EDILIANA: Doctor PRADA you have a patient waiting for you.

LISSETTE: Ok tell her to come in.

EDILIANA: Ok ill send her in the doctor said she´II see you now plase follow me to her office.

VANESSA: Good morning doctor, I´m VANESSA nice to meet you

LISSETTE: Nice to meet you too VANESSA please takes a sit and tells me what worng with you is?

VANESSA: Doctor, I have a terrible headache and I have high temperature.

LISSETTE: Ok let me see, let see how your temperature is and let´s check your pressure.

VANESSA: Ok doctor, what do you think?

I don´t feel well at all and I´m really hot.

LISSETTE: Oh, my god, you´re boiling in fever your temperature is over 40 (forty) and have a quiete high pressure I beeline you are goanna die pretty soon.

VANESSA: D ie!!!! I don´t want to die.

LISSETTE: Don´t get scared. I´m just kidding. Its joke yolk I gives you these pills for the headache. Take pills every six hours for day. And you´I feel a tot better I promise.

VANESSA: But doctor aren´t those pills very expensive?

LISSETTE: Don´t mention it. That´s my job and I´m sure you´II get well pretty soon take your headache away

VANESSA: Thank you very much doctor I really appreciate your help.

LISSETTE: Don´t metion it. That´s my job and I´m sure you´ll get well pretty soon take care of yourself.

VANESSA: Well so long doctor.

LISSETTE: You too have a nice day!


Here we learn how to used the names of diseases, a name of each one, and we make a dialog using some types of diseases